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The Kilparrin preschool (KELC), school and Statewide Support Service are housed in an award winning purpose-built facility. All facilities, including the playground are accessible to students with sensory impairment (vision and hearing). Access for students with sensory impairment (vision and hearing) is supported through the use of tactile ground surface indicators, recessed doors, trailing bars, Braille signage, visual alarms and ceilings constructed to enhance acoustics.

Pre-O&M Area

Each classroom has a vinyl area for wet activities and a carpeted area for group and individual activities.

Withdrawal rooms provide small, quiet teaching and learning areas for individual students or pairs of students to engage in intensive communication activities and exploration of specifically designed learning environments.
A fully equipped Independent Living Skills room supports the teaching of activities for daily living, including facilities for food preparation and laundry activities.


All Kilparrin classrooms are fitted with Soundfield Systems. A Soundfield System is an amplification system that allows the teacher to speak at a conversational level but raises that level by ten to fifteen decibels evenly throughout the room.
Research has shown that those with normal hearing and with a hearing impairment can benefit from amplified speech sound systems. The vocal fatigue of Teachers is also reduced.