Parent Feedback and Complaints


Referral for Enrolment

Only those students with a verified sensory impairment (vision impairment and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing) and additional disabilities are considered for enrolment in the Kilparrin Early Learning Centre (KELC) or the Kilparrin School program.

Contact Manager - Regional Support Services, Southern Adelaide Region: 82073700

Referral for Support

Support from the Kilparrin Statewide Support Service is accessed via direct referral to the Principal, Kilparrin (contact section link) and must be accompanied by medical evidence of sensory impairment and verified additional disabilities.

Parents of babies and young children (birth to preschool) are able to refer directly to the Principal, Kilparrin.

Referrals for preschool and school aged children are through the Director or Principal where the child is enrolled.


Referral forms are available below:

Request for Support – Early Intervention 0-3.5 years

Request for Support – Preschool and School